My name is Tara Hartman and I am a Raretoy model. I love being part of this amazing group of girls.
I have been modeling for a few years now and I absolutely love it. I have shot with some amazing photographers including Jon Mark the owner of Raretoy.  
As a Raretoy Girl we now have an amazing studio with three floors of shooting space plus tons of places to shoot outside and around the studio.
I was in the 2014 Raretoy Calendar and have done a few promotional things outside of Raretoy.
Jon and Rachelle are great and have given me the tools and confidence to put myself out there in the modeling world.
I like the monthly events that you can go to and meet photographers from all over giving you the chance to pick up paid shoots.
The best part about it is you get to keep all the pictures from every photographer you work with.
I am available to shoot casuals - lingerie and with Raretoy I can also get travel assistance to shoot many areas outside of PA as well!