We offer a very simple rate schedule for photographers looking to rent studio time.
These rates are for use throughout the campus. These are not room rates for use of a single shooting room.
Rates posted include the entire studio campus. A limit of two photographers shootig at any one time on campus is observed.
With the size of our studios and the multiple floors two photographers can easily work on the same day without obstruction.
Individual days can also be requested.
Basic Studio Rate:
1 Photographer working with one model ( any model ) = 50.00 first hour, 25.00 each additional hour.
1 Photographer working with one Raretoy ( affiliate ) Model = 25.00 first hour, 25.00 each additional hour.
Additional shooter added = same rate as first shooter.
Additional models shooting = very minimal rates just ask.
Special Circumstances Rate:
If your booking will require special circumstances such as added assistance with lighting equipment,
a completely closed set or anything of a specifically defined artistic nature the studio rate will be quoted based on your requirements.
In many cases a flat rate of 50.00 per hour will suffice.  
Non Billable Time: 
Your rental time starts as soon as the first person involved in your shooting arrives ( whether the photographer or his model )
So if one of you happens to be an hour late you will lose shooting time off your reservation 
Therefore it is best to plan on arriving at about the same time.
Once shuttering starts billable time runs straight through wardrobe changes, hair or makeup work or any breaks in the action.
If you need set up time please take advantage of up to a maximum of 30 minutes prior to billable time starting for this specific perpose.
If you need time afterward to pack up your things once shutters stop completely please take advantage of up to 30 minutes maximum afterward for this specific purpose. 
Under no other circumstances will time at studio be not included in the billable total. 
If your client decides they want to look through some of the images taken please keep in mind you will be billed for that time in/at the studio.
Time starts when the first person arrives and non billable credit is only given for up to 30 minutes prior ( set up ) and up to 30 minutes after ( if loading things up to go )
All other time is billable and is charged.  
You are responsible
While at the studio lock your vehicle. Do not arrive or carry any non essential valuable or fragile items.
Renting shooting time here and/or shooting here you will be held responsible for all your own belongings.
This includes items of yours brought out to studio whether in your vehicle, your bags on your person or on our property.
We will not be held resonsible for any lost, damaged or missing items.