I am from Great Valley New York and have been in the modeling field for 23 years. I just started modeling with Raretoy on June 14, 2014.
My experience working with team Photographer Jon Mark is wonderful, not only is he a spectacular photographer with a great eye
but he is an all around genuine guy and a pleasure to work with.
I have felt comfortable right from the start, and have captured some phenomenal shots of me.
I Love the fact that we Raretoy Girls get a three story studio, pool, hot tub, Supra Show Car, bikes,
 with the, annex garage themed area, plus five acres of land to invite photographers to shoot with.
Other photographers will now get to experience the great studio that I as a Raretoy Girl can now offer at discount or even free sometimes
I look forward to the opportunity of participating in team trips, studio events, contests and more. What I like best about modeling is being in front of the camera.
There's no better feeling than feeling beautiful. Every photographer I've ever worked with has their own ideas and I'm always open to trying new things.
  Its just Now I have a much larger studio where I can be turned loose in to create what's next
My goals for this upcoming year is to better myself for my photographer(s) as every year I get better and better at what I love to do.
        I am honored to be a Raretoy Girl and proud to have the opportunity to represent Raretoy in upcoming trips, events and contests.
I look forward to competing for a spot on the Raretoy International Tour!