Jon Mark Studios

Raretoy Studios is one of the largest glamour studios on the enitre east coast. More of a campus than a studio.
We offer more complete floors to shoot on than most studios have in studio sets.
Most set areas are dedicated rooms meaning you can walk into one and start shoot ( saving the set up time when overlapping backdrops used )
As lead photographer and studio owner Jon Mark offers both photographers and models much more.
Sometimes referred to as Jon Mark Studios the name Raretoy is remeniscent of the collector cars, models & shows where Jon Mark got his start as an event photographer.
Three separate floors of numerous permantent sets with separate lighting equipment throughout each floor!
Our fourth studio, The Annex, offers a specialized area for show cars and bikes.
The studio sits on a 5+ acre campus which offers a large private courtyard with pool and hot tub areas for swimwear.
Walk the grounds for addition outdoor sets, open fields, outbuildings and wooded trails
Even our scenic road in front of our studio is full of options: stream, bridges, etc..
The studio is available for aspiring models as well as photographers looking to rent.
Now offering new underwater equipment for rent for an on site underwater experience!

 Past Raretoy Girls as shown in one of our many calendars!!