Ashley V
Hello, my name is Ashley Vincent and I’m a 22 year old model with Raretoy Studio. I have been interested in modeling since I was about 12.
One of the things I really love about modeling is you can tell a story through the picture. There are times I can’t explain how I feel but I can show it in a photo.
I joined Raretoy April 11th, 2014 and it was honestly the best thing I have done. Jon and Rachelle made me feel so welcome and right from walking in the door I knew Raretoy was the start of a second family.
Everyone is so close knit it’s amazing! Even though I haven’t yet meet the other Raretoy models, I have talked to several of them online and they are sweet as ever, and the photographers are very nice. 
The studio is fantastic!! No where else offers all the different sets, props or anything like it. Any theme you could think of, Jon has a set for it and Rachelle can do the hair and makeup to make you look fierce so you can work it.
Raretoy is such an amazing studio because they also offer a 10 day International Calendar Tour to their Miss Raretoy Model of the year and they also offer a drawing prize for other qualified model clients to take a shot at joining the tour. 
When I’m not modeling, I’m a full time mom to the most adorable 6 month old daughter. They have made me realize that even though I had a baby, I can (as well as any other woman) still pursue my dream.
I am currently enlisted in the Army National Guard as well, in order to serve my country, provide for my family and show that no matter what is going on in life, a dream is always within reach!