Exciting opportunities are available for aspiring new models!
Car shows increase your exposure and are just one of the many opportunities available. 
Make plans to get out there and get noticed.
Be more than just another pretty face in the crowd.

We are the new central PA Regional Branch of the PA Bikini Team!
We are now the new eyes and ears for the PA Team in this area!

This presents yet another new opportunity for aspiring models.
Email us for information regarding applying for the team.

We are also an authorized photographer and application point
for the national Firehouse Girls team and calendar.

Contact: Jon@Raretoy.com

Models don't need to look far to find opportunities to get published.
We put out our own calendars and posters here at Raretoy.
If you haven't ordered your copy of our
'Girls Of Raretoy' calendar order one today!
Get our 12 month wall calendar plus free Tshirt for just 15.00
( plus 5.00 for Priority Mail shipping ).
Our 12 month calendars update quarterly so they are always fresh!


Oh yea... This is our Bull Pen!


Raretoy Girls Ashley & Karin in York, PA