My name is Karlina aka Karli. I am from Columbus, Ohio. I Joined Raretoy Studios in 2013.
It was Awesome to know that I joined a Studio that I can call my own and with so many different scenes and options.
I would definitely need a whole weekend to shoot!
I actively shoot at Raretoy and I am currently looking for Paid gigs.
I shoot pretty much anything except Nudes. I have a fun, open, feisty personality but shy at first.
I enjoy traveling and seeing different places love bright colors and I’m very versatile and open to ideas.
 In modeling don’t consider myself to have one particular fashion sense, I like many styles.
I currently am working on my move to Dallas, Texas but will always make my way back to Raretoy.
I am also taking a shot this year again to possibly travel abroad for the 2014 Raretoy Caribbean Calendar Tour!


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