Ashley M.
Ashley joined Raretoy in early 2013. Being a resident of Atlantic City she was able to meet
Jon Mark after he finished shooting a live event at an area Casino.
They discussed all Raretoy offers for modeling distinction and exposure
then agreed to plan a shoot back at Raretoy Studios in Carlisle, PA.
After many events Ashley won a spot in the 2014 Girls Of Raretoy calendar and at the live event
Raretoy hosted at a Boardwalk Casino Suite she was named Miss Raretoy for 2014!
Ashley is actively seeking paid modeling assignments and in her position can offer full use of the studio campus FREE
to photographers looking to shoot with her and expand their own portfolios.
My name is Ashley Mack. I grew up in a small town in Indiana before moving to Atlantic City.
It was there that I met Jon Mark and discussed modeling.
After I had my first child in 2013 I decided to join Jon Mark's team and become an official Raretoy girl.
The past year modeling now as a Raretoy Girl I have been published three times and won the title Miss Raretoy 2014.
I love modeling and expressing myself many different ways. My personal modeling goal is to show women of all sizes
that they are beautiful and sexy, regardless if they have children or not.
Ashley is available for live events and shooting projects to include: casuals, pinup, fitness, swimwear, formals and lingerie.


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