Lets answer the question - "Why the name Raretoy?"
Well this business was started because of a car. One car. Our founders 1997 "Rare Toyota" SUPRA.
That car became a car show favorite, which started a car show tour, which created a need for car show models, who asked for more portfolio work to be done outside of car shows,
which led to the creation of a photo studio, which led to the company it is today.
So technically speaking the word "Raretoy" was created to refer to the owner's car. He named his car 'Raretoy' as seen on the license plate.
The name then carried over to mean more than just the car. It enventually became known as a modeling team that modeled with cars at car shows.
Then it also became known as the photo studio location where they shot all the promo photos.
Still later it became a promotional clothing line that carried the new brand name.
An annual team calendar now also carries the name and its our modeling brand :-)
Today models take that promotional brand name much further than car shows. Some even travel internationally. 

The concept of Raretoy was started in 1999 by Jon Mark.
He along with his 1997 Supra had a plan to begin a busy car show schedule full of travel and adventure.
It wasn't long before he realized for feature photography he would need models to accompany the car in the shots.
The first ever 'Raretoy Girl' by the name of Lauren was discovered at one of those group hang out weekend sessions.
Not at a car show but rather at one of those back-in-the-day impromptu weekend 'meets'.
Not only did Lauren approach but she offered up the idea of being the regular model at shows for the Supra.
Other models soon joined but it was Lauren who originally stood in with the car and traveled to the shows.
Other models followed as the traveling appearances with the car increased but soon it was more than just car shows.

Today Raretoy Studios is a place where the photography is much more than event coverage and show car features.
Today we offer one of the largest glamour studios around. We still travel with models helping them break out of Pennsylvania,
but today we are promoting the models instead of the car. There's an Agency involved now and our models get access to unique
programs enabling them to get paid work each month. Self promotion is where it starts but adding this new affiliation,
this new exposure, along with Agency listing completely boosts what they are doing. Taking it next level.

While your here check out the timeline of performance mods for our feature car listed below.




2008 Off Season Upgrades
Quite possibly the only custom twin 4" turbo intakes
 ( that are full 4" wrap around shock tower, non compressed ) 
Relocate blow off valves to front corners inside bumper mesh
Replace blue/red AN fittings with all black
Strip blue annodizing off throttle body and go polished
Replace all blue silicone connectors with black
Custom brake lines with black Earl's covering
Lightened aluminum lug nuts
Top Secret brand flush/locking hood pins
1-Off custom designed catch can / polished
Custom inline filter system off catch can
Replace steering wheel with TRD black/black

2007 Off Season Upgrades
Replace all sensors, sensor wires & wire looms
Eliminate unused connectors
Replace worn bolts in engine bay

August 2006
Custom threads for interior
Do-Luck floor brace in chrome
Bride seats
eliminate more oem weight from hatch

July 2006
upgrade door speakers / modify factory enclosures
new speaker covers
EGR total elimination
valve cover ventilation now -10 AN fittings / braided lines

June 2006
TRD motor mounts
new larger oil cooler ( Greddy 16 row )
ported/polished head, 1mm+ valves Ti retainers etc..
custom carbon fiber trim pieces
more polishing ( water pump, mounts,starter, etc.. )

2005 Off Season Upgrades:

H K S * S T R O K E R * K I T !!
Custom Billet radiator clamps.
Custom idler pulley and water pump pulley cover.
Polished custom twin fan shroud.
Third battery & Stage 3 alternator.
New clutch for 900+ hp.
Chrome plated TRD strut brace.
Paint engine bay

2004 Off Season Upgrades:

Huge 100mm throttle, Veilside Surge Tank, 4" Pipes
Still bigger Fuel, 1000cc & 19.25mm rail
AEM engine management
Fjo wideband with display unit
New Larger Turbo Kit, HKS Twins, 4" intakes
Custom made billet race pedals
Euro Spec oem gauage bezels
New front bumper Do-Luck
New rear bumper with built in diffuser
Carbon Fiber doors
Carbon fiber interior panels
Carbon fiber center console
New HRE wheels
Blitz Oil Cooler
TRD steering wheel in blue with airbag
Unorthadox pulley
Koyo radiator
New Kevlar seats
New 3" racing harness's in blue
New touch screen head unit
2 more rear screens for a total of five
New heat coatings on exhaust side
H.I.D's oem Toyota Lexus


July 2004
Racing Hart CPO-35R's
Polished upper radiator pipe
Greddy radiator cap
Custom made clear lexan cam gear cover
Vacuum lines upgraded to stainless braided

June 2004
Viper Alarm ( full featured )
Roll bar ( 4 point ) back from chrome shop
Cobra carbon fiber reclining race seats
Carbon fiber racing circuit mirrors
Veilside full titanium exhaust ( 30 lbs weight reduction )

May 2004
Complete custom system enclosure ( fiberglass )
Audiobahn flame series
Battery relocate kit. One race battery over each rear wheel.
PWR radiator, Fully polished and larger then Fluidyne

November 2003
TRD 3 spoke steering wheel with airbag

October 2003
Replace The TRD Sway Bars with tubular Titan Racing bars

July 2003
Valve Job
New flywheel insert
Powerhouse Racing Alternator
New RPS stage 3 clutch
New pressure plate-38% stiffer
Full Roll cage
NX Epress N-tercooler kit with purge
Two step rev limiter - "Turbo Launch"

April 2003
The TRD brace didnt fit over electronic TEIN units.
( it is being cut with plasma cutter to fit )
Chroming of underhood parts.
TRD stage 3 adjustable sway bars - 50%
New Blitz Technospeed Z1 wheels in 18x10's
Sparco 4 point Racing Harnesses
3M - Xpel paint coating

March 2003
HKS Polished Race Type II BOV
Custom etching of the new billet wire cover.
TRD Strut Tower Brace ( it should fit with this hood )
Polish that throttle body

February 2003
Billet Aluminum Wire Cover
Complete set of Billet Aluminum caps for engine
Upgraded T-Bolt high pressure clamps for hard pipes

January 2003
Custom race intake manifold
Billet aluminum oil filler cap

December 2002
Rod Millen Carbon Fiber Wing
Brembo GT Brake Kit cross drilled & slotted
Rear Brembo brake rotors, cross drilled
Sparco Racing Pedals
Indiglo factory gauge faces

November 2002
G-force new computer chipped for fuel and high revs
HKS Twin Power Ignition
Painting - the new front bumper
Paint work - 8 coats clear on wire cover
Cusco catch can with annodized fittings

October 2002
Blitz VIS front end ( will paint soon )
Painting - Carbon fiber hood gets several coats of clear

September 2002
Sparco Milano suede race seats

August 2002
Stillway Sequential Shifter
New set of wheels SSRIII ( this time 18's )
Top Secret Carbon Fiber Hood

June 2002
Custom Carbon Fiber glove box
Custom Carbon Fiber valve/wire cover

May 2002
Carbon Fiber dash, custom
European Spec. OEM headlight Kit ( Installed 5/17 )
19 inch custom wheels ( 5/20 )
TEIN Coilovers with electronic dampening control

April 2002
RPS Stage 3 with pressure plate and lightened flywheel.
HKS Cams ( split duration ) with Titan gears.
AbFlug Hood ( fiberglass )
Machine polished valve covers & water neck

March 2002
Powerhouse Stage 2 Fuel System - Powerhouse 17.25 rail,
Dual Denso pumps ( in tank ) Dual main feeds,
Seimens Injectors (850cc) & Paxton Regulator.
Blue silicone upper hose
Polished Intercooler deflector plate

February 2002
Blitz FATT Timer ( slim line )
B&M Short throw kit/with knob

September 2001
HKS Twin Turbo Upgrade Kit ( Powerhouse Edition )
Includes Twin HKS # 2835 Polished turbos, 45mm Racegates,
custom manifold & downpipe with powdercoating. Includes 6 EGT fittings.
Twin polished MegaFlow HKS Intakes.

August 2001
Custom Dash Finished
4 Apexi EL Gauges including Boost, Water Temp, Oil Pressure & EGT.
Autometer Fuel pressure(2) plus one air/fuel mix.
Gauges were installed in such a way that the AC circuit board had to be cut
and AC knobs relocated.

May 2001
HKS Type R LIMITED Front Mount Intercooler

April 2001
BPU++ Performance Kit (HKS) Including: Hard piping,
Mega Flow Intake, Super Dragger Exhaust ( 3.75 inch
pipes ), VPC, S-AFC,
EVC-IV ( boost control ) & FCD.